Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Microcopy Systems Ltd provides a UK based wide range of digital storage solutions. Call us now on 01280 822795 to discover your document archiving and storage cost effective solution.

Let us know your problem and we will provide the solution. Our service includes:

  • 35mm film negative to digital converter
  • External computer digital image
  • Digital archiving requirements for schools
  • Digital image storage database
  • Digital library
  • Convert 35mm film SLR to digital
  • Secure digital storage life
  • Microfiche digital scanner
  • Computerised digital storage
  • How to establish a digital archive and a major digital library
  • Digital scanning of large format / wide format documents
  • Digital Vs 35mm
  • The best way to store digital images
35mm film negative to digital converter
digital photos

Handling digital

The handling of digital images and a digital document storage system provided distinct advantages and some disadvantages. 

Or call us on 01280 822795 for expert UK advice and a common sense approach to:
  • Digital libraries
  • 35mm film to digital
  • Digital printing services
  • Large format digital printing
  • Creating a digital archive
  • Digital document management
  • Digital scanners, printing and printers.
  • Large-format colour digital scanner

The benefits of digital document storage solutions

To determine how the advantages and benefits of digital document storage solutions might contribute to your business efficiency call us now on 01280 822795
  • We understand how to realise the:
  • Benefits of a document management system
  • Benefits of digital records management
  • Advantages of digital imaging
  • Cost reduction through electronic storage devices and technology
If you would like any further information on our services don't hesitate to give The Microcopy Group Ltd a call or download our free "Minimising Document Management and Storage Costs" document.
Call us now on 01280 822 795

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