Document Management

Document management technology

We have vast experience of document management technology including microfilm and scanning technology and all aspects of document and archive storage. Our clients are based across the UK and we provide solutions in:
  •     Electronic records technology
  •     Microfilm and microfiche
  •     Digital document solutions
  •     Secure archive storage
We provide document management and storage systems to numerous private sector organisations and many councils. All documents to be microfilmed or scanned are collected by our own vehicles to suit our clients’ needs.
Hospitals and multi-site Primary Care Trusts also use Microcopy Systems Ltd. We are proud to list numerous clients in this field and we are delighted to supply detailed references upon request.

We are experienced for the last 15 years plus in medical records, A & E notes, paediatric, oncology, deceased, genetics, psychology, mental health, podiatry, dental, school health, maternity documentation etc

What to expect from document management

Saving rental cost of the space for storage, the time and cost of retrieving documents and a reduction in the cost of racking, rent and heating are all potential savings. However, there is much more to be gained from good document management.
With our vast experience in specialist document scanning, storage and retrieval we will provide advice on the benefits and costs of a suitable document storage, equipment and management system that precisely meets your needs.

Call us now on 01280 822795 to find out about:
  • Document scanning vs paper storage
  • Secure document scanning in the UK
  • The reality of using a document storage system
  • Where and how to scan documents
  • What does it cost?
  • Document management systems and reviews and comparisons
  • Specifications for document scanning services
  • A secure document storage service in the UK
  • Small document management solutions
  • UK document storage
  • Offsite document storage
  • Document scanning solutions

Medical storage, information and hospital records

Medical document and information scanning

Microcopy Systems are experts in handling all confidential medical records. During the last twenty years, we have gained a vast experience in handling all types of hospital documents.  

We can scan your documents for easy fast retrieval from any computer system and for security. Microcopy Systems can store a duplicate copy of your CD at our premises to secure your information. Should a fire ever breakout, you are secure in the knowledge that Microcopy Systems has a backup archive available. Our scanned images can be uploaded onto any system that will accept tiff, pdf or jpg'

Medical records storage / archive

Microcopy Systems can archive information and documents by storage in a secure location. Retrievals can be made at any time and either scanned and emailed back immediately, a copy posted or the original delivered in our own sign written vans. 

The advantages of storing your documents in this way are that the original outlay is not as expensive as scanning or microfilm but there are on-going costs and the original document is securely archived.

Medical records / document imaging/microfilming

Many hospitals have microfilming already or have used it previously. These images can be converted digitally so they can be read on any computer system through CD's or stored on a server to be used by everybody on an internal network. 

Microfilming is still the most cost-effective way of archiving your information and can be very quick to retrieve documents through a reader, printer or scanner. We collect large volumes of documents all round the United Kingdom in order to archive them to microfilm, which not quite as fast as a CD but not as expensive either. Moreover, there is no on-going charges which often makes microfilming the best financially option archive solution.

Best practice

If you need to know about the best practice in the storage and management of documents call us now on 01280 822795 - to find out about:

  • Best practices and guide to document management 
  • How to initiate planning for document management costs 
  • Discover the best in printing and document management companies

Uploading documents to your internal electronic system

Uploading documents into an internal electronic system need to be accurately compared to the cost of the storage and retrieval of hard copy documents. Consideration need to be given to the costs of:
  • Recording and retrieval
  • The capital cost of any specialist equipment
  • The speed of recording and retrieval
  • The convenience of retrieval

Call us now on 01280 822795 to receive expert advice on the pros and cons and discover a solution for your own business.

Specialist services

There are a huge variety of ways to store and manage documents. Systems that work well in one industry are simply inappropriate elsewhere. A broad experience of the types of systems that are available is beneficial when evaluating and costing solutions. Why not find out more about?:
  • What is a document specialist?
  • What skills do document and imaging specialists bring to your business?
  • Engineering document management specialist
  • Document management in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Legal document management systems
  • Medical document scanning
  • The diverse range of archiving and archival storage costs
a wide range of documents
If you would like any further information on our services don't hesitate to give The Microcopy Group Ltd a call or download our free "Minimising Document Management and Storage Costs" document.
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