Electronic Records Technology

Electronic Records Technology

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Storage devices and technology

You will currently have storage cabinets and other sundry methods of document storage. How to best transfer your documents into electronic records and employ the most suitable technology? The range of storage devices, technology and costs need carefully evaluating.
Call us on 01280 822795 or download “Minimising document management and storage costs” to learn how much it costs to store electronic documents all about:
  • Electronic storage devices & technology for business documents
  • Storage on electronic archival media
  • Find an electronic records management system
  • Change management switching to electronic records
  • Choosing a CD electronic storage system
  • How to generally organise electronic information
storage device
Electronic records management system

 Locate an Electronic records management system 

When you are seeking a way of storing your records and documents electronically, the factors which contribute towards the costs and convenience of storage and retrieval are not obvious.

Call us now to get our expert help or download "Minimising document management and storage costs" or call us now on 01280 822795 for expert advice on:
  • Electronic records storage devices & technology
  • Latest technology on records management
  • Evaluate various electronic records management systems
  • A records management policy review and program policy
  • Information about resources and procedures in order get the best in terms of cost and convenience

Records to CD

When it comes to converting and migrating documents and other paper records into image files for convenient storage on CDs our service is fast, reliable and cost effective. 
Call us on 01280 822795 to discuss the importance of records management issues and to understand the latest in electronic storage devices & technology. We scan and store everything from medical records to commercial documentation. Ask about:
  • Record to CD service
  • How to copy microfiche to CD
  • Long term CD storage
  • Electronic CD/DVD storage
  • 35mm CD archiving
  • The transfer of documents to CD
  • A records management survey
  • Our records management procedures and quality management system
CD recording
If you would like any further information on our services don't hesitate to give The Microcopy Group Ltd a call or download our free "Minimising Document Management and Storage Costs" document.
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