Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Document scanning services and solutions are at the very heart of our business. Call The Microcopy Group Ltd today on 01280 822 795.
When it comes to learning about the costs and the pros and cons of the various record and document management options give our company a call, we are experts in UK document solutions:
  • The security document scanning
  • Specifying document scanning services
  • Document imaging scanning
  • Document scanning solutions
  • Image scanning and electronic imaging
  • The destruction (or storage) of documents after they have been scanned
  • Remittance scanning and document management flowchart
  • Document scanning and restoration
  • Costs and prices and tips on how to keep them low
  • Mass document scanning
  • Best retrieval practice.
document scanning
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Document Scanning

There are many ways we can offer document scanning, the solution is tailored to your business, one such solution is to have one bookmarked multi-pdf file. The file is indexed to your specifications and each heading or page can be accessed at the click of a button. Please click to download a full sample on the right, an example of which is below.
Another solution would be to have a library of CD's, this can be built up over time and a master spreadsheet kept with as much or as little information as is required in order to find any particular file you may be after. Once you find the CD you require and insert it into a drive a list of files on the CD will appear in alphabetical or numerical order as below which you would double click to view the file

Aperture card scanning

Our long experience of aperture card scanning and the best scanners can provide you with a cost effective solution. 

Call us now 01280 822795 about:
  • Aperture card scanning
  • Arizona aperture card scanning
  • Aperture scanning service
  • C250 aperture card scanner
  • The best aperture card scanners
Wicks and Wilson UK offer a range of C Series Aperture Card Scanners as well as their existing CS series of production Aperture Card Scanners. 

The C series consists of 3 different models, the C-Drive, C-Drive X and C-250.

Wicks and Wilson C-Drive and Drive X

This on-demand scanner actually sits inside your PC and is used the same as a CD-ROM drive by inserting one Aperture card at a time which is scanned immediately.

The drive Xis a stand alone desk top version of the C-Drive. It allows the scanning of aperture cards on demand. The unit automatically accepts the card and returns it to you one scan at a time. 
Wilson C-Drive

Wicks and Wilson C-250 

This is a production scanner and as such has a card feed hopper and can scan 250 cards per hour.

All these units feature Digital Microfilm Printing (DMP) allowing the user to digitally zoom in and out and review before printing to any available printer or plotter.

The Software include digital image enhancement filters, rotate, de-skew and crop and can simultaneously save bi-tonal and greyscale images from the same card for improved productivity and has a virtual rescan option to allow the user to reprocess the image without actually re-scanning.  

The scanners are connected via high speed USB technology.
 Onsite scanning

Onsite scanning

When you prefer your documents to remain on-site, due to confidentiality or security, our mobile onsite scanning service is the obvious solution. Call us now on 01280 822795 to discuss costs and time frames with a UK based bureau. Scanning can be arranged around your working practices. Onsite mobile document scanning can provide a really cost effective and secure solution.

Does your document storage look similar to this?

All your documents can be scanned on-site allowing you to use your storage areas for more offices or simply for further storage. Space can be very expensive so for a one off payment, all your documents can be securely scanned to a CD and indexed as per your specifications for easy retrieval.

 Microfiche scanning

The Microcopy Group can digitize your existing microfilm or microfiche, producing images often better than the quality of the original film using state-of-the-art scanners and image enhancement software. Converting your microfilm to digital eliminates the manually intensive nature of film retrieval saving time and money. Images can be displayed with a simple keystroke and universally accessed via the Internet from any computer system or CD's can be produced and accessed as required. Staff become more productive when retrieval times are reduced.

Talk to us now on 01280 822795 about cost effective microfiche scanning solutions.Call us to discuss:
  • Reading microfiche on computer screen
  • Microfilm versus microfiche
  • Copy microfiche to CD
  • Microfiche digital scanner
  • Digitizing microfiche
  • Microfiche viewers and readers
  • Series 60 microfiche
  • Used, cheap microfiche digital scanner
Microfiche scanning

Wicks & Wilson UK Scanners

Wicks and Wilson UK produce scanners for all types of microfilm formats, the scanner above is for Jacket/Fiche applications. The scanners use a series of glass carriers for each jacket/fiche to avoid static problems and double loading to maximise throughput of conversion work.

As with all the Wicks and Wilson scanners, the FS300 can scan from 100 to 600 dpi and with it's 7.5 - 50x zoom lens and is the ideal production scanner for combination and/or mixed sized documents. The Microfiche Scanner can scan up to speeds of 178 frames per minute and is able to scan jackets, AB Fiche, Silver or Diazo negative or positive and COM fiche.
Roll film Scanning

Roll film Scanning

Converting roll film images and capturing them in digital form for subsequent storage, archiving, distribution or printing has never been easier, faster or more affordable. Call us to discuss your requirements on 01280 822795 for objective advice on the best solution for your scanning requirements:

35mm film negative to digital converter
Convert your 35mm film SLR to digital
35mm film to digital
Digital film scanners

Wicks & Wilson 16mm & 35mm rollfilm scanner

Wicks and Wilson UK offer the 8850 rollfilm scanner for all types of 16mm and 35mm roll film. For the best possible microfilm imaging result the Wicks and Wilson Scanner is capable of scanning in automatically to greyscale and bitonal images.

The scanner can accept 16/35mm spools, 16mm cartridge (M-type, C-clip), positive/negative, silver/vesicular/diazo, simplex/duplex, COM and portrait (cine)/landscape and will output to TIFF or PDF formats and comes complete with a PCIe interface card.
If you would like any further information on our services don't hesitate to give The Microcopy Group Ltd a call or download our free "Minimising Document Management and Storage Costs" document.
Call us now on 01280 822 795

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